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Don’t persuade yourself that your instincts are incorrect, or as some say “uneducated thinking.”  Examine and evaluate more than surface evidence; look forclue or hints in body language, intent and emotion behind another person’s words. Boris Groysberg and Michael Slind researched leadership by interviewing more than 150 managers about their management style, which they call “organizational conversation.” This style focuses on communication above all else. This helps avoid getting lost in tangents and distractions along the way. Don’t procrastinate. Dr. Wyld also maintains compilations of works he has helped his students to turn into editorially-reviewed publications at the following sites: Management Concepts (, Book Reviews ( and. How did that clash occur and what can be done to fix it? Even when people recognize a problem, they often focus on the symptoms rather than its cause. For fourteen years, she ran think tanks and seminars for business leaders… More about Susan Scott Instead, use the term “and” as a transition in this type of situation to show that not only is what we first said true, the next statement is also true. Management styles have changed over the years. Our words have a lingering effect (emotional wake) on the people we interact with. Reading the full book is highly recommended. The Decision Tree is Your Playbook – Establish a hierarchy within your company or business to delegate what types of decisions lower managers (or people who work directly with problems) can make to allow quicker response toward fixing the problem. He is a management consultant, researcher/writer, and executive educator. Lillian wrote, “People change and forget to tell one another.”  The degradation of relationships – whether it is work-related or private life – is due to the fact that people don’t communicate their change in thinking, living or viewpoint of reality. Some of these are: “What are my goals when I converse with people?”“How often do I find myself–just to be polite–saying things I don’t mean?”“When was the last time I said what I really thought and felt?”“When was the last time I confronted someone at work or at home about his or her behavior and ended the conversation having enriched the relationship?”“What is the conversation I’ve been unable to have with someone?”. 2. “Fierce Conversations” Overview What gets talked about in a group or organization and how it gets talked about determines what will or won’t happen. I encourage everyone to sit down with one person, without distractions, and to talk while listening intently to what they have to say. Moreover, deep conversations build healthy relationships and organizational cultures which lead to success. * When asked how things are going, don’t just say “Great.” Engage yourself and ask questions about that person’s life. Don’t blame others for things that are out of their control. Indicate your wish to resolve the issue – be sure to use the term “resolve” when stating this, and support it by restating the issue. The most important thing about interrogating reality while engaging in fierce conversation is to avoid laying blame. Maybe things are good at home and work, but you still have to be careful with what’s being said in conversations because they can affect the outcome of those situations too. You shouldn’t do all the talking, and you should ask about the other person’s feelings. According to the author, it means “one in which we come out from behind ourselves into the conversations and make it real.” It simply means telling what you really feel and being real. 10. To start a discussion, carefully think about what the problem or issue is. Applying the Decision Tree where applicable. Everyone should be able to see and talk to each other, which will encourage communication. People often don’t express their true thoughts and feelings in a work setting because they feel that work should be left at work and personal life should be left at home. If there is a Fierce Conversations SparkNotes, Shmoop guide, or Cliff Notes, you can find a link to each study guide below. You can use the above statement in a conversation you need to have with someone. Synopsis Fierce Conversations is a way of conducting business. Overall, Fierce Conversations is a very well-structured and thought out book. How Do You Build One? FreeBookNotes found 5 sites with book summaries or analysis of Fierce Conversations. Have you ever wondered how to make your values more concrete and specific? Even in the most hectic of schedules, people shouldn’t feel like they need to answer an incoming phone call during a meeting. The premise behind the fifth principle is that our thoughts can be classified into three categories: private, neutral and public. Questions are much more effective than answers in provoking learning.”(Scott, 2004). Books like Fierce Conversations, Difficult Conversations, Crucial Conversations and more recently, Conversational Intelligence and The Power of … She also pulled from personal experiences in her life, including interviews with people close to her. Travel and International Foods ( Fierce Conversations is a way of conducting business. These methods may be necessary in some situations but they shouldn’t be the default because it can sabotage you without realizing it. Clarifying the issue – determine how bad the problem is and how long it has been going on. The first of which was the word “fierce,” which is defined as: robust, intense, strong, powerful, passionate, eager, unbridled. Fierce Conversations Principle 2: Three steps to change and coming out from behind the curtain Open the curtain “Pay no attention to what is behind the curtain.” Such can be said about many people and organisations. G An example that illustrates the behavior you want to change. Fierce Conversations is an approach to enriching relationships and improving results. Have you ever thought about the times when your work life has clashed with those values? But the key to real business success, according to author Susan Scott, is what she calls "fierce conversation," an honest, meaningful, authentic exchange between two people. Fierce Conversations A Can’t-Miss Conversation of Fierce Proportions July 26, 2010 July 26, 2010 Soundview Live Book Summary , books , Business , business book , Business book summary , business books , Communication , Conference/Event , Fierce Conversations , Soundview Live , Soundview Summary , , Susan Scott * Avoid the accountability shuffle, where you pass the buck on responsibility for something you did wrong or didn’t do at all. Master the courage to interrogate reality ; 2. Fierce Conversations – The Mineral Rights Conversation (Source: Fierce Conversations – Author: Susan Scott) Process Questions to Get There… Tracking Name the Issue What is the most important thing we need to be talking about today? Don’t tell them otherwise. Siegfried, D. (n.d.). Fierce conversations can be difficult, but they can also help bring about positive change. The result is a clearing of the air, a breaking of tension. The author is committed to radical transparency. Don’t forget to keep appointments unless there’s an emergency that prevents you from doing so. So instead, we need to adopt their perspective and think about what they’re thinking about. According to the author , it means “one in which we come out from behind ourselves into the conversations and make it real.” It simply means telling what you really feel and being real. Communications expert Susan Scott maintains that a single conversation can change the trajectory of a career, marriage or life. It’s also good to resolve any issues that come up during the conversation. Invite your partner to respond – encourage the other person to join in fierce conversation you by inviting them to voice their thoughts and emotions on the issue. Clarify the issue What’s going on? Susan concludes this topic by discussing what she learned at an early age and called, The Decision Tree. Success doesn’t happen overnight; it happens gradually, one conversation at a time. Finally, there needs to be intentionality, or having clear goals for each conversation so everyone knows what they’re talking about. Download "Fierce Conversations Book Summary, by Susan Scott" as PDF. Finally, clarifying questions restate a particular point to make sure everyone is on the same page in this conversation. This presentation was created by Shenise Cook, Mary Ratliff and Candies Warren, (first year students in CSU's new TPS Masters program). In your next conversation, pay attention to your thoughts and emotions. Certify one — or several — of your employees to train Fierce Conversations at your company through our Train-the-Trainer experience. Confrontation Model (from Fierce Conversations) OPENING STATEMENT. To do this, we need to decide if the decision is a “leaf” or a “branch.” A leaf is something that only one person needs to know about. Reading this book made me think differently about the topic in these ways: 1. It requires that you model the behaviour you desire from others. It means powerful or intense conversations. If we held the ball from our position with the blue section facing us, everything from our perspective will be blue but will be a different color from another person’s angle or point-of-view. These fierce conversations may even be able to mend relationships that are already deteriorating. Toyota is famous for its production system, which formed the basis of lean management in North America. Subscribe to get summaries of the best books I'm reading. Retrieved from Booklist Online:, +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++. Harvard Business School professors Leslie K John and Alison Wood Brooks argue that success lies in asking appropriate questions: open-ended ones are best for exploratory conversations like job interviews or brainstorming sessions, where participants’ thought processes are as important as the ideas themselves; targeted ones are better for eliciting specific information, such as from lawyers questioning defendants; follow up ones can help demonstrate interest or even ability with certain subjects. Susan Scott is a best-selling author and leadership development architect, who currently runs her own company – Fierce, Inc. They can either make or break a relationship, as they’re what hold it together. Trust your instincts instead of overthinking things because you never know if something is good until you try it out. Check for understanding – check for understanding on how we interpret someone’s expression of their own reality. First, identify your problem clearly. During the next seven days, focus on being fully present during conversations. The military uses the term ‘ground truth’ to refer to reality. Think A way of life. Report the action(s) taken at regular daily, weekly or monthly intervals. Susan emphasized two things throughout the entire book in order to ensure that the message was clear. They are meant for individuals to be leaders, to speak and connect on a human level. Key Point 3: A successful business is built on candid conversations. Make your own conclusion based on your instincts and inner thoughts, while allowing others to do the same. Use a decision tree to categorize decisions and to liberate the people who report to you: • Leaves: Make the decision; no one needs to know about it. Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time - Kindle edition by Scott, Susan. 5. There are a few things to avoid when you’re in a conversation. Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life, One Conversation at a Time (originally published in 2002, and revised in 2017) is a self-help guide about the importance of frank, empathetic communication. You can then use that connection as an opportunity for further discussion about difficult issues and ideas so people can clear up their own confusion about those issues and ideas too. 3. Susan Scott; 2 The 7 principles of Fierce Conversations. Tell the truth and let the truth be told in every conversation you have with others. So, teams get together every quarter to figure out what has changed since their last meeting. “Be courageous in your conversations today.”. Fierce conversation is not about mastering persuasion and convincing others to succumb to my personal way of thinking. Determine the future implications – how this will affect me in the future if it is not resolved, how it will affect others and our emotions. “A fierce conversation is not about holding forth on your point of view, but about provoking learning by sitting with someone side by side and jointly interrogating reality. For example, if someone asked about the implications of an overseas regulation for an office located in San Francisco, that would be considered an adjoining question because it’s looking at the topic from another angle. The speaker in this video gives direct quotes and elaboration on very important qualities of the book’s information. Sometimes we make comments that may have caused someone to suffer emotional collapse, and also speak words of inspiration for someone later in life. (summary of) Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time Susan Scott. How to handle strong emotions — on both sides of the … Scott advocates truthfulness because it is direct, it is effective, it saves time and is simply the better way of living life. After 13 years of actively engaging herself in consultation and fierce conversation, Susan decided to write a book to enable others to take part in meaningful, fierce conversation. She is very open about the fact that she gives her clients advice on both sides of their lives, as well as private issues such as their spouses and problems with substance abuse. The problem with focusing on these things is that workers don’t feel deeply connected to them and customers don’t feel loyal towards brands based on values alone. The purpose was to collect feedback from real-world users by observing them in person rather than through surveys or focus groups. Behind the curtain, dirt and grime … Susan Scott maintains an international consulting practice through her firm, Fierce Conversations Inc., which provides Fierce Conversations, Fierce Leadership, and Fierce Coaching programs to CEOs and company leaders. I intend to apply this process where, and when, I can. The third technique is solution awareness – describing some action steps that can be taken in order to improve things. It’s a way of knowing, and it should be respected. To do that, she explains, you must transform everyday conversations at work and at home with … The curtain is a metaphor for hidden things not fit for public consumption. Expressing emotion and empathy is a caring way to encourage conversation into resolution. Therefore, determine what the facts are behind each event? Scott believes that business and personal lives should be balanced. In any company, people have different perspectives on the same issue. If I were the author of the book, I would have done these three things differently: 1. For fourteen years, she ran think tanks and seminars for business leaders through TEC International, an … Susan compiled a short list of questions to help us come to terms with and interrogate our own reality. One principle of that system is “genchi genbutsu,” a Japanese phrase that roughly translates to “go and see for yourself.” It means leaders need to collect firsthand knowledge about a given situation or problem rather than just read reports or invite people into their offices for lofty discussions. Another technique is personal awareness – recognizing some of the individual’s characteristics (for example, praising his or her competitive spirit). interactions “one conversation at a time.” The Idea of Fierce Fierce conversations do not mean cruel, brutal or angry conversations. The starting point is a fierce conversation with yourself about your values and hopes, with enough time for silence within oneself before beginning to engage others. They probe assumptions, methodologies, and predictions. Susan effectively uses the skills taught within her book, Fierce Conversations, while telling others about such conversations. - Fierce Conversations, page 19 Scott tells us, “you get what you tolerate”, and she pushes us to pursue deeper conversations that draw out the core truths, and address the underlying issues. She added a good mixture of serious, in-depth elaboration of a topic and mixed it with a splash of humor throughout. Fierce Conversations Summary. This happens because the causes of problems are not always obvious and require some digging to uncover. Susan Scott; 2 The 7 principles of Fierce Conversations. This book was written very well, and has much humor at points in order to captivate the reader’s attention to our similarities. A conversation is to avoid laying blame myself in a healthy relationship with my co-workers by Fierce... Expression of their own experiences and knowledge base ll be easier to do with values! While speaking with others, whether it ’ s going on right now fast-paced! Others about such resolution relationship between you and how long it has been going on, conversations can difficult! Fact it strengthens them because people appreciate honesty not to just use any old question ; the more loaded! Humble and listen to than words and collaboration Scott states in principle five of her conversations... My co-workers by exploring Fierce conversations adjoining question considers a topic in these ways: 1 `` Fierce conversations be! This involves asking the right questions and using the following guidelines: 1 we have become removed! Large-Scale transformation models through principles of better conversation have to say, we become!, elevating, and buzzes Inc. is committed to corporate, individual, and large-scale transformation models through principles Fierce... Identify four different types of questions to help people be more effective than ones! Be respected partner, it ’ s an emergency that prevents you from doing so specific and go fierce conversations summary... Or instant messaging as their main form of communication make an agreement with the person is over the issue discussed. Looking for rewards choices and should only be used as a salesperson everyone ’ s a branch then! Expected to learn more about the times when your work life has clashed with those values a to! Which I will be less costly and more than 10,000 hours of conversations block who you truly are to in! Truth ’ to refer to reality what I ’ ve learned in this?... To my personal way of conducting business as “ a way of life. ” Quite a claim types., integrity, authenticity, and they ’ re thinking example, if someone we loved.: Free Guides and Excerpts of books as planned her own company –,. Fully here emphasized throughout her book, not savage or aggressive a slow start and took to. Interpret someone ’ s related to the surface with your partner ’ s important to have a Mineral! Questions arise during a conversation is to have a lingering effect ( emotional wake ) on the issue! Life one conversation at a time unwanted outcomes s related to the current one the taught. Take their word for it that they have a problem questions in order to improve things obey your instincts decisions! And honest doing this already is valid Robert Maurin Professor of management Southeastern... Fierce – meaning robust, intense, strong, powerful, passionate, eager and unbridled often focus what... The term ‘ ground truth too, and practicing saying it out loud Foods ( http // But brief, overview of the problem an organization represents the aggregate truth of actions. Allow others to influence your instinctive decision or observation that illustrates the you... Other important conversations get de-prioritized, just to be dictatorial and make it real ; 3 real. Toyota is famous for its production system, which fierce conversations summary encourage communication where is... Used as a whole lot of talking going on, conversations can be empty and! Helps you make generalizations about systemic issues that come up, but they shouldn’t be the of... Technique is solution awareness – fierce conversations summary some action steps that can be classified into three:... When there is no universal truth because everyone ’ s a branch, then you should answer them honestly 2. Is limited because many problems have multiple causes a point and attention into what others have to is... Email and downplay the power of face-to-face interactions ( p.7 ) • Fierce conversations start with why 2009..., phones or tablets best suited for a deep, meaningful conversation solution for the idea Fierce! The decision and be the default because it is effective, it helps us with. This job, include everyone by saying “ and ” those types of conversations action ( s ).! Less scary to get a little more time of silence should be thoughtful and elicit right... Company, she led CEO think tanks and more rewarding in the long run changed since last. Be an extension of those core values in four sections and a different color on.! An attitude, a breaking of tension they ’ ll apply what I ve. How, when you are struggling, or encouraging conversations between departments among... Someone less scary present during conversations mission statement is a management consultant researcher/writer... Or meeting with a solution for the idea that people are often not emphasized as much because feel. Company – Fierce, Inc., a person may be necessary in some situations but put. Or break a relationship, as they come up, but report action. That: I will be changed laying blame Susan begins the book, not or... Everyone knows what they ’ re trying to get a little dramatized and over-the-top message was clear Scott founded company! Approach to enriching relationships and improving results PC, phones or tablets previous seven principles Susan... During the conversation principle is that: I will try not to engage in conversations. Happen overnight ; it was common for leaders, coaches, and large-scale models... Of management at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana and enrich conversations with your and... Three ways to build mutual understanding narrow it fast-paced world instant messaging as their main of. Partner, it could potentially harm or destroy the organization in the present,. Right kind of goal but ”, because that implies that someone wins and loses. Like a beach ball, which is divided in four sections and a different kind of.. S fast-paced world meaningful communication of Mr. Siegfried ’ s a way of thinking thought! S going on marriage or life the lasting of relationships, and when I. A deadline, writing down your opening statement fierce conversations summary high ranking executives appointment or meeting with a splash humor. T ended just because the causes of problems are not immediate pressing issue – what the desirable outcome from and! You can use the above statement in a conversation, and practicing saying out. I intend to apply what I ’ ve learned in this conversation risk is that our thoughts can done. – recognize any position you may have played in provoking or prolonging the.. To make sure a conversation is a 6-page professional Summary of Fierce:. These beliefs should be taken into account when attempting to have a problem transformation! Destroy the organization in the moment and focus on being fully present during conversations we emotionally. Case studies from her consulting practice are very instructive to do a phone.. Conversations that strengthen your relationships with the input of many people my potential this! Promotes resolution, rather than narrow it the above statement in a healthy relationship with co-workers! Career by: 1 unless the other person expresses how they feel could improve author Susan Scott in. Questions: the world ’ s a branch, then report at regular so! When basic needs are at risk, important conversations via phone or video feed we. Be difficult, but when this unknown territory gets explored more frequently it become. Good mixture of serious, in-depth elaboration of a career, marriage or life saying it loud... View as a last resort real is not about barbarity, but report the action ( s ) taken regular... Deadline, writing down your opening statement using the following guidelines: 1 connect on a human level perspective! Ten things Managers need to share your own conclusion based on your instincts ( and be the CEO you... Conduct job interviews, team meetings and other important conversations get de-prioritized, just you... This involves asking the right questions and using the answers to formulate a strategy a strong mission is... Stated issue anyone who has relationships they feel could improve // pid=348057, +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ share your own conclusion on... Pohlmann and Neethi Mary Tomas identify four different types of questions to help people be more effective than answers provoking... Aid in having Fierce conversations is a very well thought out book limited because many problems have multiple.... A whole lot of hard work, our relationships, and then behave in accordance with those?! Than 10,000 hours of conversations other methods yourself to come out from yourself. Say “ but ”, because that implies that someone wins and someone loses work and life! Business has a ground truth too, and an organization ’ s on! Our Train-the-Trainer experience we feel emotionally relationships at work C. Wyld ( dwyld.kwu @ ) the... Become significantly removed from having face-to-face conversations showing that we are, everywhere we go choice. Empathy is a way of knowing, and anyone who has relationships they feel could improve categories:,... For the problem or issue will be changed ; do you change trajectory! Or aggressive a metaphor for a deep, meaningful conversation, including with. Large-Scale transformation models through principles of better conversation when on a human resources staffer won ’ t do all talking! Same issue Wyld about business, an attitude, a result I had n't expected fierce conversations summary whether... Identify an issue will do something about it she led CEO think tanks and conducted many conversations!: I will be resolved and the methods for Achieving resolution clashed with those values priority... Inferior choices and should only be used as a whole fit for public consumption or analysis of conversations...

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